Santorini Private Tours

Private guided tours of Santorini are a great way to see everything that the Greek island has to offer. Rather than trying to find your way around the island, contending with traffic and lack of parking in an unfamiliar environment, you can sit back and relax while our driver / guides make sure that you experience all the highlights of our home town.

In complete comfort, privacy and luxury

Our santorini private guided tours are conducted in comfortable sedans, vans, mini-buses or chartered buses. All tours are led by experienced guides / drivers who will provide your group with a fun, safe, hassle-free and informative trip through Santorini island.

Fully flexible

This will be your private and personalized sightseeing tour to suit your tempo and interests. Changes to the day’s plan, according to the options available, can be accommodated to suit your requirements.

Time Efficient

You see lots more while touring with us, as opposed to all other methods of sightseeing. We know the best ways to arrange your day, we are highly flexible and know all the top routes in Santorini island.