personal assistance

What is the Personal Assistance Service?

When arriving in Santorini, you can now feel confident that you are in safe hands if any problem arises. Our skilled team of local experts will give you first-class treatment including;

  • Your personal assistant will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name written on it.
  • He / she will accompany you till hotel’s reception, provide any roadside & lost luggage assistance, arrange the hotel check-in, provide medical and dental referrals if needed: etc.

What is the extra cost of this service?

The extra cost for this service is €80 Euros and will be paid directly to the assistant once you get your room’s keys.

We will solve almost any problem in typical situations;


Hotel Check-in Assistance

We will call your hotel to confirm your reservation and update them about your estimated time of arrival. We will also escort you till your hotel’s reception and assist you with the check in procedure. In case of overbooking, since we are local experts, we will make sure that you will be offered an alternative stay at a hotel with equal or greater value – somewhere with the same star rating, in a similar location, and offering similar services. We will also assist you with the transportation and check-in procedures of your new hotel.

Location of lost luggage, documents and personal items

We will assist you in the location of lost luggage, documents, and any personal items including cell phones, wallets, etc. Airlines, government authorities and card issuers are among those who will be contacted if necessary. When your items are found, the assistant will deliver them personally at your accommodation.


Information about restaurants / table reservation

Your Personal Assistant will provide comprehensive information about restaurants and cafes in Santorini and will book a table upon your request.

Information about places of recreation and leisure

We can give you information about beauty salons and tours in the island, as well as provide the prices, terms, dates and availability. Upon your request, the assistant can organize your visit to the chosen location, as well as book excursions / sightseeing tours etc.

Information about goods and services

Need to buy something but don’t know where to find it? We will provide you with the addresses of necessary shops where you can buy the required goods or services. If possible, we can also arrange the order, payment and delivery of the goods or services on your behalf!

Emergency Medical Information

Travel Health Information

If necessary, your personal assistant will use his best efforts to provide the names, addresses, telephone numbers and appointment times of doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists and dental clinics in Santorini. Upon request, he / she will arrange a doctor’s visit or even an ambulance arrival for you at any time during your transfer. Payment for these services is traveler’s responsibility.

Replacement of Medication or Eyeglasses

If a covered person has an unexpected need for prescription medication while traveling; loses, forgets, or runs out of prescription medication; breaks, looses, or has eyeglasses stolen while traveling, the personal assistance will attempt to locate the medication, eyeglasses or their equivalent and attempt to arrange for the covered person to obtain it locally, where it is available or to have it shipped to him or her, subject to local laws, if it is not available locally. Payment for the prescription medication, eyeglasses or any shipping expense is the traveler’s responsibility.